skin solutions brentwood
skin solutions brentwood

Beauty by the cold

Cool lift £45                                                                                                    Course of 6  £240               
Add on to any facial £35

The CooLift uses a non-invasive administration of active ingredients to oxengenate, encourage collagen production, repair and improved elasticity.

This results in the skin being plumped from below, fine lines are softened, wrinkle depth reduced, hydration is supercharged and oxygen increased to bring nutrients.

To complete your treatment a relaxing  cryoglobe  face neck and shoulder massage will tighten pores, firm, smooth out fine lines and reduce redness.

Your skin will be left younger looking with lines reduced, firmer, luminous and healthy.



The CryoPen  includes 2 treatments    

Milia, Pigmentation, Cherry angiomas, skin tags          Single lesion £20     3 lesions £35     5 lesions £50

Warts and Verruca                                                         Single lesion £50     2 lesions £90     3 lesions £120


CryoPen is an advanced cryotherapy innovation that is a fast, effective, safe and the new solution for the removal of skin imperfections, with very little pain, downtime or side effects.

We can treat pigmentation, milia, skin tags, cherry angiomas, warts and verrucas


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skin solutions brentwood