skin solutions brentwood
skin solutions brentwood


Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the most well known massage technique focused on relaxing the whole body. Using a  medium pressure is exceptionally beneficial for increasing circulation, decreasing muscle toxins relieving muscle tension and minor aches and pains.

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Full body massage  55 mins  £38 £205
Back neck and shoulder massage   25 mins £21 £119


Deep Tissue Massage
Deep tissue massage is similar to Swedish massage but uses a much firmer pressure to work deeper into the muscles. The deeper pressure is beneficial in relieving muscle tension and more serious aches and pains.

Deep Tissue Full body massage  55 mins £47 £260
Deep Tissue Back massage 25 mins £26 £146

Indian Head Massage
This upper body treatment is designed to relieve stress, tension, migraines, fatigue and insomnia. Hot oils are drizzled through your hair and scalp focusing on pressure points to rejuvenate your mind. You will be left feeling calm, relaxed, revitalised and energised.

40 mins   £25 £146
55 mins inc back £30 £173


Hot Stone Massage
This specialty massage uses hot basalt stones placed on the body in key points. The stones are also moved over the body concentrating on problem areas as the heat allows deeper access to the muscles to promote an intense feeling of relaxation. Hot stone massage also incorporates a customised massage to offer enhanced benefits. This ultimate massage will   soothe and relax tight aching muscles, increase circulation, relive pain and reduce stress  leaving your wellbeing rebalanced and harmony restored.


Full body 70 mins  £48 £260
Back        35 mins   £30 £162

“So relaxing was this hot stone back massage + head massage that I dozed off. Thanks Debbie”

“I've just had a full body massage from Elise. Wow I'm floating on air! She works magic with her hands felt so relaxed - thank you Elise”

“A truly fabulous massage, as always, from Debbie. She really gets into the tight muscles in the shoulder, relieving the tension & discomfort. Thank you, Debbie.”




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skin solutions brentwood