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Why you should be Exfoliating

Now the weather has turned much colder it can make our skin have different needs, our skin can be duller, rougher, drier and more dehydrated.  One of the most beneficial steps everyone can do for their skin is to Exfoliate to make sure your products can get past any dead skin to work more effiently.

Benefits of Exfoliation

Removes any dead skin cells

Allows products to penetrate better giving better results

Stimulates skin structure to work more efficiently

Smoother, brighter skin

Anti-ageing, good for pigmentation

Helps breakouts, congestion and open pores


Now is the perfect time of year to try our powerful exfoliating treatments. These advanced medical treatments are the next level from a ‘normal facial’ so you will see a drastic change in your skin.

Choose from: 

Glycolic Acid £40  - The most powerful exfoliant great for breakouts, congestion and scarring.

Lactic Acid £35  –  the most gentle and hydrating for more sensitive skin and pigmentation.

Peptide Vitality Resurfacer £50  –  Perfect for anti-ageing needs and brightening.




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skin solutions brentwood