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skin solutions brentwood

September Promotions

September Promotions


Would you like a more even skintone that is clearer, brighter, more hydrated and younger looking?


If yes Dermalux is just what you are looking for........


Dermalux LED light therapy gives you visible results instantly, taking your facial treatment to the next level by working deeper into the skin.


This amazing award winning machine transforms your skin, it stimulates your collagen, firms, improves fine lines, reduces redness, hydrates, tightens pores, tackles oil production and breakouts.


For best results a course is recommended, treatments 24 hours apart.


Dermalux Trial £10


If you have never had the amazing Dermalux come and try 10 minutes, which is redeemable on any Dermalux booking made.


Three week program to kick start your skin health £140 rrp £190


Week one :  1 Dermalux and 1 Dermalux Express   


Dermalux includes consultation, cleansing, exfoliation, a foot or hand massage while under the Dermalux, moisturiser,spf and homecare recomendations, rrp£40. Express is without a therapist in the room rrp£30


Week two :   2 Dermalux Express


Week three : 2 Dermalux Express



Four week intensive program £250 rrp£310


Week one :  1 Dermalux Facial and 1 Dermalux Express


Dermalux includes consultation, cleansing, exfoliation,extractions,massage, treatment mask, a foot or hand massagewhile under the Dermalux, moisturiser, spf and homecare recomendations worth £65, Express is without a therapist in the room worth £30.


Week two :    2 Dermalux Express


Week three :  2 Dermalux Express


Week four :    1 Dermalux Facial and 1 Dermalux Express.


Call 01277 232544 to book.

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skin solutions brentwood