skin solutions brentwood
skin solutions brentwood

April and May Promotion

April and May Discount



For April and May we will be educating you on the importance of using suncare


products and giving you 10% off.


Did you know that you should use a spf year round?


There are two types of rays from the sun UVA and UVB.  Lets call UVA the ageing ray and UVB


the burning ray.

We all use a SPF in the Summer because it is hot and sunny and we don’t want to get burnt(UVB).


So why use a SPF when it’s not sunny as we wont get burnt?....It’s because the ray that ages you


(UVA) is present all year no matter the weather not just in Summer!



So it makes sense to protect our skin from damage and ageing all year long not just from burning.


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skin solutions brentwood